Thursday, 1 November 2018

S6 Comprehensive Exam Results Republished

University had published the result of B.Tech S6 Exam conducted during April 2018 on 8th October 2018. The result of Comprehensive Examination (XX352) was published after regulating the oral examination mark in line with the written examination mark as per clause 7 (O) of B.Tech regulation. With reference to the order by Hon. Vice Chancellor (Notification No. KTU/AR(ACADEMIC-1)/807/2017 dtd. 20.10.2018) it has been decided NOT to regulate oral examination mark of the Comprehensive Examination in line with the performance of the written examination for the B.Tech S6 Exam-April 2018. The result of Comprehensive Examination (XX352) is revised and published herewith based on the revised academic rule for the evaluation of Comprehensive Examination - which is applicable only to April/May 2018 exam.