Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Note : Design engineering Module 1

Design engineering Module 1 note
About module 1
                Design and its objectives; Design constraints, Design functions, Design means and Design from; Role of Science, Engineering and Technology in design; Engineering as a business proposition; Functional and Strength Designs. Design form, function and strength. How to initiate creative designs? Initiating the thinking process for designing a product of daily use. Need identification; Problem Statement; Market survey- customer requirements; Design attributes and objectives; Ideation; Brain storming approaches; arriving at solutions; Closing on to the Design needs.An Exercise in the process of design initiation. A simple problem is to be taken up to examine different solutions- Ceiling fan? Group Presentation and discussion.

About Author

Naseel Ibnu Azeez.M.P
Asst. Professor,
Dept. of Mechanical Engineering,
MEA Engineering College, Perinthalmanna

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