Sunday, 19 March 2017

Draft Syllabus of S5-S8 B.Tech (Civil Engg.) for feedback

Official message by university

The feedback/comments shall be mailed to from the ktu email id of the college on or before 31-03-2017. The mail received in this regard received after 31-03-2017 will not be entertained under any circumstance. (2) The curriculum (scheme) cannot be changed. Send comments/suggestions on syllabus/course plan only.
Draft Syllabus of S5-S8 B.Tech (Civil Engg.) 👈
KTU more interactive with all engineering college's in kerala. So, they asked our suggestions in KTU S5 - S8 syllabus. KTU trying to increase quality engineering in kerala by adopting syllabus like in IITS or NIIT. 
So please give feedback back to KTU mail address  ( ) as soon as possible .
KTU Published all semesters syllabus . KTU S1 & S2 Syllabus renewed in 2016 and also EC, Civil, CS Depts. S4 KTU syllabus has modified in 2017 March. This declared in KTU official website 
To get updated S4 syllabus : click here