Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Academic-B.Tech programme-Modified syllabus

Academic-B.Tech programme-Modified course planThe Curriculum Committee reviewed the syllabus and modified the course plan of S4 B.Tech programme by deleting and / or clarifying coverage of certain topics and submitted the modified course plan for 4 th semester B.Tech Computer Science & Engineering, CS 208 and CS 232; ME 202 of Mechanical Engineering; EC 202, EC 204, EC 206 and EC 208 of Electronics & Communication Engineering and CE 202, CE 204,CE 206 and CE 208 of B.Tech Civil Engineering.The modified course plan with reduced content will be effective from 04.03.2017.It may be noted that there are no changes in the Syllabus and Question paper pattern.

Updated syllabus :
CE204 Construction technology.pdf
CE206 Fluid Mechanics -II.pdf
CE208 Geotechnical Engineering - I.pdf
ME 202 Advanced Mechanics of Solids.pdf
CS208 Principles of data base design.pdf
CS232 FOSS Lab.pdf
EC202 Signals and Systems.pdf
EC204 Analog Integrated Circuits.pdf
EC206 Computer Organisation.pdf

EC208 Analog Communication Engineering.pdf