Saturday, 11 February 2017

About minimum credits to earn

Eligibility to Continue
A student has to earn a minimum number of credits in a semester to be eligible to register for the new courses offered in the next semester. In odd semesters if this requirement is not met, the student is to be forewarned and allowed to continue to the next even semester. However at the end of even semesters this requirement will be strictly implemented. Summer courses are offered to those who do not satisfy this norm after the 2nd as well as the 4th semesters. Students who do not meet this requirement are not permitted to register for new courses in the higher semesters. They have to register for the failed courses in normal semesters in which they are offered subject to the limitations imposed by the ordinances and course timetable.
Action plan, for dealing with course arrears in theory courses at the end of each semester to continue with the programme, is given below. Faculty advisors shall monitor advice and support the students in this. Students should be informed about the minimum cumulative credits requirement to register for higher semester courses.

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